In Which Starbucks Has Become the Frugal Choice

I have never been a big coffee drinker, but when a brand new Starbucks opened up next to my work a few months ago, it still meant trouble for someone who was both on a diet and a budget because of all of the delicious non-coffee foods and drinks they offer. Since resolving to become more frugal, I’ve had a rule of absolutely no Starbucks as it is both absurdly expensive, and sugary drinks are a waste of calories. 

However, last Monday, May 15th was Teachers’ Day (스승의 날), the most beloved of holidays amongst the expat teachers of Korea. Actually, for the last few years my boss had banned gifts so as to not look like we were taking bribes in exchange for better teaching, but I think she eventually realised that she had a highly skilled force of teachers who were always going to do their best no matter what, so this year we were allowed to keep gifts up to a certain price limit (since there are certain laws in place). 

Well, thanks to the generosity of several of my students’ parents, I’ve amassed about 130,000 won worth of Starbucks gift cards, each accompanied by thoughtful and touching messages. Thank you, parents! Starbucks has officially become the frugal choice. 

Of course I’m setting myself limits. I still stand by their overpriced drinks being a waste of calories and money, so I won’t be buying any of those. 

However, their bagels, for example, are around 2,600 won, which by Starbucks standards, is very cheap. They also sit at between 250-350 calories, so it’s something I can fit into my diet, and especially great for the days when I dont have time to cook before my Korean classes. I’ve been eating a lot of bagels. 

I’ve heard the most frugal way to spend on Starbucks is to buy coffee beans. Like I said, I’m personally not a coffee drinker, but it’s something I definitely need to suggest to the boyfriend. 

Has anyone here received any great gifts for Teachers’ Day? Let me know in the comments! Have a great weekend! 


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