Clearing Out the Fridge

Around a week ago I bought some celery which I used to make some delicious cajun-style beans and rice. I wanted to just buy a small packet of the stuff, but the smallest quantity I could find was about 2kg worth (it only cost about 2,500 won, though). So I used some for my beans, and also prepared and froze the “holy trinity” (celery, onions, bell peppers) along with some diced bacon for the next time I felt like making the same thing. But I still had more left over. I also had a bunch of potatoes left over from my phase of eating homemade oven fries every day.

So what to make? Soup! When I was younger, my mum always used to make this delicious vegetable soup. It blew my mind when she shared that the recipe was only made up of five ingredients (plus seasoning), because it was so flavorful. I’ll outline the ingredients below:

  • 600g potatoes
  • 200g celery
  • 200g carrots
  • 30g butter
  • Chicken stock
  • Salt and pepper to taste

I had everything apart from the carrots, but after a short trip to the local market I was able to grab a bag for 1,200 won. I also picked up a baguette for 2,200 won, because why not.

IMG_20170513_124752389So then I diced everything up…


Fried it up in the butter…


And then added water and chicken stock and cooked everything until it was soft. After that, I let it cool for a bit, transferred it to my blender, and blended it until it was smooth before returning it to the pan and seasoning it. It made way more than I thought – probably enough for about 6 servings – so I now have lunches for the first half of this week sorted out.


It always feels good to be able to cook something delicious that doesn’t break the bank.


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